Rules and Instructions – Please Retain For Reference

Breast Cancer Now IOM Group (“the charity”) | Douglas New Year Day Dip (“the event”)

  1. The Dip will take place on Queen’s Promenade Douglas, opposite the Queens Hotel at 12pm on Friday 1st January 2021.
  2. All participants who have signed up online are to collect their numbered wristband from the sign on point on the Promenade opposite the Queen’s.  For safety reasons this must be worn at all times.  Only numbered participants will be deemed to participate in the Dip.
  3. The beach will be inspected in the morning of the event to identify any special circumstances and these will be covered at the pre dip briefing. The area to be used by dippers will be clearly marked out and indicated at the briefing.
  4. There will be a full briefing at 11:55am on the beach where specific instructions for the Dip will be given. All participants must be present, having already signed on and obtained and attached a number. All spectators to remain on promenade until this has been completed.
  5. For your safety, you must indicate on the entry form if there are any medical conditions we should be aware of. Given prevailing temperature and weather on the day, if you are in any doubt about medical condition or illness precluding you from taking part, for your safety we’d prefer that you supported the Dip from the beach instead.
  6. The event will be Marshalled. All Marshals will be wearing high visibility vests. In the event of any problems at all, please alert the nearest marshal.
  7. A “First Aid” and “Emergency Equipment” point will be manned at all times. In the event of any difficulties please alert the nearest marshal to arrange assistance.
  8. Dippers should wear “sea friendly” footwear for this event.
  9. Life Guards will be present in the sea and they are there for your safety.
  10. Please ensure that anyone helping or supporting you is advised to park safely and considerately and to take care when crossing the promenade.
  11. Anyone under 16 must have completed an entry form, have a numbered tag and be accompanied by a responsible adult before entering the sea.
  12. Please ensure that participant’s belongings and valuables are in a safe place during the event.
  13. Ensure that you have warm, dry clothes available at the end, and please join us for hot drinks on conclusion.
  14. Weather conditions will be assessed on the morning of the dip any update will be posted on Manx Radio and at website –

We all wish to have a successful and fun event so here’s a few extra tips to be aware of:

  • Cold temperatures can dull senses, so have fun but please don’t take risks
  • Be aware of rocks, slippery surfaces and trip hazards lurking under the surface
  • This is not a race it is a fun event for charity